Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tink Fae tube set:)

Here is 8 cute Fae tubes that I created in daz for peeps to use in any graphics program that can use PNG format:)These can not be sold by my TOU-credits are required.Copy of TOU is inside the zip file.
thanks a bunch:)
Audry Hair-Swam
tink dress & flutterby wings-Faerie Dreams
A3 character-Noel-but no readme with creator's name

They are located at my Deviantart page:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm so tickled:) I got TOTW at Fantasy Attic:)

This is my time ever getting picked for anything like this:)I definitely wasn't expecting it lol.I just had to share the post of the image in question:
I freaked out my niece when I opened my email announcing it was picked lol.I started yelling "Oh my god.Oh my god."-She thought something bad had happened lol.I was like no but I couldn't believe it though lol.:)Here's my certificate that I recieved & the image it is for.I'll also recieve a $15 Gift Certificate for a store called Xurge.I haven't been there yet,but I've heard they have nice things for Poser & Daz.:) The main image is really big so I placed a clickable thumbnail here in consideration of those on dialup.Please click it to see the full size image:)